Versionary Who's Who

Last updated: Thursday, 1 January 1970 00:00 00000


Ken Coar

Also known as the 'Rodent of Unusual Size', Ken is the one who started this project. He got involved with cvsweb when Bill Fenner's version was put up on the Apache site, and with Henner Zeller's modified version when Hen suggested using it at Apache instead. When Ken came up with a couple of ideas for it, Hen gave him access to his (Hen's) repository, and Ken has hacked on it a little ever since.

When the cvsweb and cvswebclient SoureForge projects were started, Ken watched them a little, but never really got involved. When they started mutating into what is now SandWeb, he broke off entirely and started Versionary in order to get back to the roots.