The Versionary Project


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What Is It?

Versionary is a Perl CGI script which allows you to use the Web to navigate a CVS repository in a read-only manner.

Its Maculate Origins [apologies to Robert A Heinlein]

This project is a fork of a fork. The original package was Bill Fenner's cvsweb which was done for the FreeBSD project. (As noted at that link, the original script is no longer available.) When that seemed abandoned or moribund, Henner Zeller took it and breathed new life into it. Now that Hen's version seems to be quiescing, Ken Coar is taking the latest version of that and bringing it here, giving it a new name in the process: Versionary.

The Versionary project in no way wants to detract or distract users from any of the other projects, particularly Henner's cvsweb. It is branching off in experimental directions.

Other SourceForge projects that are based on Henner's cvsweb, or are at least descended from it in some way, include:

Versionary intends to stay pretty close to the original idea of cvsweb: read-only Web access to source control systems. currently nongoals include trying to make the full feature-set of such systems available. No checkout, checking, et cetera -- just viewing, and maybe a little repository management.

Hen's version of cvsweb also gave rise to Greg Stein's ViewCVS project -- primarily because Greg is a Python addict and does not care for Perl. :-)

Mailing Lists

At the moment there are only two mailing lists associated with this project:

Who is Involved?

See the Who's Who' for the project. Thin and lame, but oh well.